The fashionable indifference of running or running off the ‘mum tum’

Fit for Fashion

Early Sunday morning and due to doctors orders i attempt to go running. Running according to the breath physio, forces you to breathe properly, without really trying.  Deep breathing from your stomach rather than the shallow breath of a stressed out nearly 40 something with the remnants of pneumonia altering the bodies natural breathing rhythm. Anyway, i put on some random items of clothing, a T-shirt from a trip to the states many years ago and sweaty betty yoga bottoms and off i went. All going well i looked more like a runner than a person late for a train ( a game i like to play when out in the car – runner or late?). I only made 2.6 miles then staggered home to eat a Viennese whirl whilst thinking ‘bugger, was also  hoping to loose the mum tum as a bonus’. 3 years after my youngest was born is probably long enough to stop using the ‘i’ve just had a baby excuse’.

Maybe, therefore,  its time to think about investing in some proper running attire, if i keep it up i have the excuse to look at the gymwear section of The Outnet and buy Stella Macartney for Adidas to wear on the school run. I may be a Run Mum. Its doubtful, i’m more likely to attend the ‘Sew a pair of leggings’ workshop at the Creative Sanctuary. I could have my own bespoke run leggings  in whatever fabric i want.  The possibilities are endless, i could even run there.

The next ‘Working with Stretch – Sew a pair of leggings’ workshop is on the 12th April 1.30 – 4.30 at the Creative Sanctuary, Fore Street, Hertford.

Working with Stretch – Sew a pair of Leggings ( Wednesday 12 April 1:30 – 4:30pm)

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