Absolutely Fabulous Darling

You look fabulous darling…

As part of my day job in music i get to attend a Broadcast conference every year in Las Vegas, it’s one of those work trips which has most people thinking lucky thing. Which is true to some extent but for the record i don’t get to sit at the pool, instead  i  do spend most of the trip in an air conditioned meeting room. But as you may have gathered i love people watching, it fascinates me and there is no better place on earth to people watch than Vegas.  Vegas has people from every walk of life wandering round the casinos. Its the best place to listen in on conversations too. They say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas and i’m not surprised. From the gossip at the tables (always lots of celebs about the hotel we stay in – this year seemed to be the cast of Towie on a hen do ) to the super rich shopping in the many many high end fashion stores. I  heard the phrase ‘darling you look fabulous…splurge sweetie splurge’ (Hermes) .

It is after all  the only place i have been where you walk down an Esplanade of designer stores Chole, Prada, Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Hermes and after a few days you start feeling like this is normal. Clothes cost that much right? I stroked a  dress in Chloe which was $9,000, it was beautiful and far far far too small for me…they offered to have it altered to fit they showed me beautiful matching shoes and i suddenly wanted to be the sort of rich that this is normal. I am not driven by money at all…but Vegas has changed me baby!

Disclaimer: I then purchased a $10 straw hat with a pom pom trim from Forever 21 and contained my disappointment that the new Levis 501 Skinny looked according to my colleague like ‘mum jeans, and not in a good way’  they were $90 anyway and out of this girls price range, not a High Roller quite yet….

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