Help I need a Stylist!

I’ve always liked the idea of a stylist, someone who can objectively send you out of your comfort zone and also be brutally honest and say ‘come on lady, seriously, wear something other than the stripe T-shirt and the jeans’ or even ‘there are other colors than black you know’.  But that is the thing with fashion as you grow and change what did suit you often doesn’t anymore and its easy to keep buying the fave’s as you know it suits you, or you know it did suit you but often then trying to change your style is hard, and quite frankly trying to figure it out whist keeping two small children from pulling over rails of clothing or playing hide and seek in the changing rooms isnt ideal. So bring on a Stylist!

Luckily i met the lovely Allie of #Mumof2minisandtwomanyshoes to come along on the night of the next Rock Up Frock Up to show us what to wear and how to wear it, you can book a slot with Allie by sending us an email or contacting us through our facebook page.   Over to Allie:

Mixing up the Mum uniform

Having my children has been the most amazing experience of my life but for a time it completely altered my sense of identity. Although my children completed me in a way that I never knew before, I also felt out of touch with myself as an individual. I’m sure others can relate to the feeling of loss over the carefree person you used to be prior to motherhood. Then there comes the guilt for feeling that way, no one tells you about the guilt. From this ongoing journey, I have learned to accept that motherhood comes with a bucketful of guilt, however I have also come to realise that a happy mum equals happy children. Looking back, I was once a confident twenty something who strutted around the streets of London, often wearing the most amazing vintage pieces, the quirkier, and the better. I was definitely not a wallflower! Fast forward to motherhood in the suburbs and I begun to feel disconnected from myself. I relished my new role as a mother and threw myself into it with great gusto, however the creative side of my personality had been sidelined (finger painting and imaginary tea parties notwithstanding) the pull of fashion as fun rather than just practical was calling me.

I began to indulge in fashion as a form of self expression again and relished the new lease of life it gave me. I truly believe that a wardrobe of feel good clothes can empower us to take on the world with a bigger smile and bags more confidence. This is the reason why I want to help other women who feel a similar way to myself to feel great in what they wear.

I had so many items in my wardrobe that I had purchased because I had completely fallen in love with them, totally fantasized about the item changing my life and imagining when and where I would wow everyone by wearing it. Only to hear that little voice that often spoils the fantasy by whispering “is it a bit much?” or “where will you put the wipes?” Sometimes it was  just a doubtful “hmm”. I often quietened that voice by convincing myself that I would save it for a glamorous occasion (because they happen so often these days) and pop it to the back of the wardrobe. Having brought these items because they called out to me and made me smile, I abandoned them because self doubt creeped in.

Well  I made a promise to myself. “Just flaming wear it”. In reality, I am a busy mum, not a girl about town showing off her outfits, but who says I have to give up on those happy clothes? I’m the only one who is stopping myself from enjoying these lovely pieces. I vowed to just wear what I love and not give a damn! Pardon the uncouth expression! Who cares what people think? Who cares if it ends up being covered in mud/snot/raisins? Who cares if the only people that see it is the Hermes lady and the lollipop man? Who cares if all I’m doing in it is picking up Lego and doing the school run? If you feel amazing in it and it brings you joy, then wear away!

Don’t get me wrong, not every day do I swan about in sequins but I think it’s about loving every piece in your wardrobe and knowing how they can all work together to create looks for everyday life, for example, that amazing pleated skirt could work so well with stripes and converse for the school run and the beautiful silk shirt teamed with dungarees would make a stunning play date outfit. My philosophy is “don’t save it for best”, I’m sure my dear old Nan would give me a telling off, but these items need to be shared and enjoyed in our daily lives.

I hope you have enjoyed reading a little about me and how I work. I look forward to meeting you all at the next amazing Rock Up Frock Up event.

Allie x



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