How it works

It’s very simple. If you have clothes/shoes/accessories in your wardrobe that you would like us to sell on your behalf get in touch. We pay you back a percentage, take a percentage to cover costs and donate the remainder to The Butterflies Community a charity for Postnatal Depression based in Hertford.
We host an evening during which all the clothes and accessories are available to buy. We aim to make high end high street fashion accessible and affordable for those that come. All of the clothes, shoes and accessories collected from their owners are checked for flaws, that they are clean and in good condition. Quality is paramount to us, so nothing makes it into our events that we wouldn’t wear ourselves or know someone who would.
This is all about offering a hassle free way to sell your items, update your wardrobe and have fun.

All the questions in your head.

Where do the clothes from?

All the clothes/shoes/accessories are collected from the original owners mostly local women and sold on their behalf at our Rock Up Frock Up events. They are not donated and we return anything that is not sold to the original owner.

Can anyone provide clothes for you to sell at your events?

Yes we encourage anyone who has items in their wardrobe that they no longer want/are able to wear to pass them to us for rehoming.

Is it only Designer Label?

No, it’s not. While we do have items at this level we ask that the clothes are from the high end of the High Street and in excellent condition. We do not sell anything from stores such as Primark, Matalan, Supermarkets etc.

How are the clothes priced?

We choose the sales price for all items. Based on our previous sales and what’s available/happening on the high street at the moment. If you really want a particular price for something then you are welcome to pop it on the supply form and we can but try!

I want to supply you with clothes for Rock Up Frock Up but I am not sure they are good enough?

We have a general rule that if you think it’s a Charity Shop item, then donate it to your local charity shop. If you would sell it on ebay or the like if you had the time then its good for us. Also this is the items that you may have spent much money on that you have wardrobe guilt and can’t do either. We are the solution.

How do I get my items to you?

Get in touch through Social Media, drop us an email or call us. We send you a form to fill in listing your items. Then seal them up and take them to our drop off point. For this event it’s the Creative Sanctuary in Hertford. If for whatever reason you can’t make it in, then let us know and we’ll sort something out.

Will my stuff be safe? How do I know it won’t get mixed up with someone else’s?

Absolutely. We have a solid system for managing the process. Once we receive your items, we go through everything checking quality etc and then we give each of your items a label with a unique code to you. Everything is entered into a system so we know who’s sent what.

Is there a deadline in submitting items?

We generally stop collecting a week before the event but sometimes if time is on our side we will extend the deadline.

How much am I likely to make?

We give you 55% of the value of the sale,  the remainder is split between  our local charity and to cover our overheads. So much more than you’re likely to make with online apps, and with a lot less hassle. Plus your giving something back to the community.

Will all my clothes be sold?

We cannot unfortunately guarantee that all your items will be bought. We do a lot of marketing prior to the event to ensure that we get adequate footfall through the doors. After the event we also do further marketing of individual pieces so we’re not having to return pieces to their owners. If it doesn’t sell at this one, its most likely to sell next time.

Do you have to provide clothes in order to come?

Absolutely not! Rock Up Frock Up is an event so you can come for a night out with no obligation to buy at all. We source our clothes from a variety of people and places and they are often not in attendance. We have found it’s a great way to also buy an outfit that you know you will only wear once – party’s, weddings, Christenings for example.

I’d love to come but I bet all the clothes are a size 8!

One of the most interesting things for us has been finding out that size is just a number. We collect clothes from people that are all different shapes and sizes. We have had everything from a 6 to a 16 on the Rock Up racks. We encourage people to try things they like, a label size is irrelevant most of the time and when we see the difference between who was the original owner and who becomes the new owner sometimes their shapes and sizes are very different but the item still looks amazing.

Do you take card?

Yes we take card or cash. Whatever you prefer. We add on a 50p charge to pay by card as there are bank charges attached to card payments.

I changed my mind, can I return something?

As these are pop-up events sadly no, we are not able to offer refunds. However, all our events have changing rooms and lots of fantastic women to offer you advice and support so you’re 100% happy with your purchase.

I’ve decided I can’t live without it, but I didn’t buy it on the night?

If we still have it then you are welcome to contact us and you can buy it after the event. You may need to pay postage or pay for delivery though. We sometimes post on Instagram and Facebook a few choice items we still have and love.

I want the item you have posted on Social Media, can I buy it before?

Sorry no you will need to come to the event, we suggest you turn up early! The only exceptions will be if you ‘can’t live without it and you NEED IT for something’ then we will reserve for you for the first hour of the event.

Can I bring my children?

Not on the night, but some of our pop-ups extend over the weekend allowing for those that didn’t make it to the evening event. However, remember this is a first come first served basis so you might miss out on something

What else can I expect on the night?

We are partly a community project and want to make Rock Up Frock Up support local women and local business. We often have on hand on the night a few Stylists,  sometimes Hairdressers and may be able to offer simple alternations on the night. This is a fun evening out and the opportunity to meet other local women.