Team Rock Up Frock Up

Whilst on maternity leave with my first child it became clear that prior to children I had a clothes buying habit, an insatiable appetite for fashion and a wardrobe overflowing with clothes, shoes and handbags.

My baby had reflux so most of my overflowing wardrobe was left sitting lonely on the hanger taking up space. Space had become a priority when children entered the scene, but I didn’t have the time or want the hassle of selling on eBay and much of it was too good for charity.

It became clear that I was not alone. Friends spoke of clothes purchased in the sales on a whim still lurking in the back of the wardrobe with labels on. Shoes they’d got for parties worn for the first ten minutes and then taken off in agony. Outfits bought for weddings and parties that would only be worn once and the inevitable diet clothes that they’d fit into and never worn.

The idea that clothes can be re-homed and given a new lease of life really resonated with me. During the long nights with a non sleeping child I thought about what the solution could be. There had to be an easier, fun way to sell your clothes? Like all the best ideas in the middle of the night it came to me and Rock Up Frock Up was conceived.

I wanted to create a fashion event with a sense of community. One which would bring local business and local women together for their shared love of clothes. A night where you could sell your wardrobe (without hassle) buy some new bits, meet your friends and maybe make some new ones all under one roof.

After many glasses of wine one night, the husband told me to stop talking about it and just get on with it – Rockup Frockup was finally born.
I started small with some friends at first and then as the word spread it grew.

We look forward to seeing you at the next Rock Up Frock Up.

Jenny x

Jenny Oakes– Founder & fashion lover. (Hertfordshire)

I am a full time working mum of two little ones, living in Hertford and working in London. I love fashion and I love the idea of clothes being enjoyed and worn and appreciated and not just sat in the wardrobe forever. I am also the MD of a music production company and have worked in music for over 15 years, starting off in music retail then music supervision and promotion, enabling me to meet so many different interesting people to talk music and fashion with. I never felt cool enough or pretty enough to be in ‘the fashion’ industry’ so this is partly my nod to the average girl who loves fashion , loves shopping and maybe like me lost their way after children on the fashion front and the time for themselves front!

Fran MacEnroe – Ethical Fashion Consultant. (Tooting and SE London)

Fran runs the South London Rock Up Frock Up Pop Up’s. She is a petite mum of three and a curator of  vintage and ethical fashion.

I love everything about fashion and always have always worked in the industry in both high street buying and more recently ethical/sustainable fashion.

Rock Up Frock Up is a great fit for me as i have seen first hand the negative effects of fast fashion both on the environment and those working in garment production. These events are the ultimate in sustainable slow fashion.

After a career break to raise three little ones, i literally cant wait to start playing shop and sorting through other people’s pre-loved items and curating a boutique that will hopefully bring together local fashion lovers for a fantastic evening. To read more about Fran follow her blog at @coldfeetpetitie